Summer Newsletter

Exciting times ahead!

Now that things are finally settled I’m happy to announce that we’ve had a successful move and relocation of our clinic ( it’s been 6 months already!). The new address is in Peasedown St John, a lovely village just outside of Bath and 30 Min away from Bristol. The new place is peaceful and spacious, we have facilities to offer a wide range of Ayurvedic treatments, including weekend retreats and PanchaKarma.
Panchakarma is the ultimate mind-body healing experience for detoxifying and strengthening every organ and system. A unique set of therapies that works on rejuvenating the entire organism, PanchaKarma uproots disease from it’s core and restores true well-being. We offer one week residential PanchaKarma, read more about it on the treatments page.


13 July 2015 Instil Yoga conference at London SOAS

My friend and colleague Charlotta, from teen yoga foundation, has organised this first of a kind conference. “Our aim is that the conference will instil further interest in the practice of yoga in educational contexts, through discussion of practical ways of grounding this practice in the most valuable elements of the wisdom of yoga and cutting-edge scientific research”. Read more about it at

Shekina Ashram Kirtan
This summer from the 28th- 2nd August there will be a special week long Kirtan festival led by Sri Raman Vihari Dasa, a bhakti yogi visiting from India. Kirtan refers to the practise of mantra repetition through music. It’s a powerful way of healing and highly recommended at this beautiful venue. It’s free attendance and you’re welcome to visit one day or all seven! more info at
This year’s Colourfest in Dorset was a great event even better and bigger than last year. There were many workshops, Kirtans and Yoga to choose from. I lead an Ayurveda workshop and offered consultations throughout the event. If you haven’t been before, I recommend visiting next year!
VitalVeda’s consultation booth at Colourfest
Wishing you all the best of health and looking forward to hear from you.
With love, Ariadna
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