A Woman’s Health and Self-healing

Beautiful woman enjoying in the nature and fresh air.Being a woman is a great adventure. We have the potential to lead extraordinary lives, and yet maintaining ourselves well physically, emotionally and mentally can be something few of us manage to achieve. This is especially true in today’s stressful social milieu, which often challenges our health and capacity for healing.
A woman’s health is highly influenced by the environment she lives in. To live with vitality and joy, she must adapt to it, understanding the needs of her body and mind and taking due care of them; respecting her female life cycles, her individual nature and spirit. Therefore, today’s approach of taking a tablet to silence the pains may merely touch the surface of the deep spring well that is a woman’s health.

Ayurveda for Women

Ayurveda offers some much needed wisdom and a holistic healthcare approach that empowers us to understand what keeps us healthy, what makes us sick, and what brings complete well-being to realise our potential.

Ayurveda teaches that an individual’s well-being lies in her ability to live in harmony with mother nature. It encourages women to follow various daily and seasonal guidelines to stay tuned in with nature and gain deeply rooted vitality. Ayurvedic treatments for women’s ailments look to remove the causes of disease, eliminate all the pathologies involved, and restore and rejuvenate her entire organism. A variety of natural methods and remedies, including dietary and lifestyle changes, are employed to achieve this and to create vibrant health and balance.

Amongst other things, Ayurveda offers effective ways to:

  • Regulate and heal disorders of the menstrual cycle, fundamental for a woman’s health and well-being.
  • Treat acute or chronic conditions of the reproductive and endocrine systems.
  • Improve fertility and chances of conceiving a baby.
  • Manage pregnancy and post-natal care, highly developed areas of Ayurvedic medicine.
  • Ease the issues and time of your menopause and perimenopause.