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My latest cleanse

I’ve recently had a chance to do a much needed fast/cleanse for which I’m most grateful for. I’ve been doing fasts since I was 17. This last one might have been one of the best yet. During the first month of our move you see, getting pots and pans to cook with was an adventure, […]

Bliss in the mountains

My lovely patient Alice(*) has recently returned from a skiing holiday in France. Truth be told, I feel rather nostalgic now. I grew up in Granada, a beautiful city with glorious peaks- the Sierra Nevada mountains. Every winter I would spend most weekends up in the crispy white slopes, with nature at its best, loving […]

Is there time for health?

The year is drawing to an end. Whilst I reflect on its highlights, it stands out to me how fast it has gone by. It seems like yesterday that 2012 began. Interestingly everyone that I’ve spoken to has had a similar experience. A friend of mine recently mused whether time’s quality has changed, the minutes […]

Vital meditation

Breathing, relaxing and letting go

There is nothing like some time away from home, under the sun, feeling the warmth and fresh breeze coming from the sea. I sit and contemplate the wonderful retreat I’ve had, and I can’t help but wonder how it is that life back at home becomes so stressful. Bath is a lovely city, a beautiful […]