September News

Have you noticed the temperature drop? You can’t miss it here in Bath, the winds whisper we are heading towards the cosy season. In case you haven’t had a chance to clean, rinse and dry your insides, this is your last chance before it gets any colder! Ayurveda reminds us to purify the body and mind twice a year, after summer and after winter. There are an unlimited number of benefits from doing these seasonal cleanses: they help with colds and allergies, recurrent indigestion and bowel disorders, tiredness and fatigue, depression and anxiety, just to name a few. In addition, by releasing accumulated toxins, you can experience greater vitality and prevent illness. This week’s classes therefore focus on how to detox at home, using easy Ayurvedic remedies and principles. Please check the calendar for more information.

Some good news is I’m now available for any dietary or remedy questions at Harvest health food store, in Bath. The Harvest team is keen to help and promote Ayurveda, which shares the health and natural living values the store stands for. Therefore on appointed days, I’m on the shop floor answering any queries that you may have and offering Ayurvedic tasters.

With Ayurveda enthusiasts at Harvest health food store, Bath.

This summer has been so much fun. Experienced yoga teacher Lila Conway led “the heart of yoga retreat”, where a lovely group of students immersed themselves in the practice of Yoga and meditation. I assisted by making nutritionally balanced meals during the retreat. I’m told the yoga experience was enhanced by the tasty and easy-to-digest Ayurvedic foods. Padma Priya, a well known yoga teacher also held a beautiful week retreat at Universal Yoga, joined and enjoyed by many. Tim Chalice played beautiful kirtan music, whilst Ratna Dey Cordukes and I presented some basic Ayurvedic principles including how to make Moong dhal!

Teachers and students at the “Heart of Yoga retreat”

The August Ayurvedic cooking workshop was also a success. We spent the day diving into the healing properties of spices and foods for each body type. Amongst other recipes we made ghee, date lassi, plum chutney and barley stew. All was thoroughly delighted at the end of the day. Next cooking workshop will focus on diet and recipes for winter.
Stay tuned for the dates, I look forward to seeing you there!



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