Our spring friend: the artichoke

There is no vegetable I find as useful as the artichoke for internal cleansing purposes. Well prepared, the artichoke can be a truly therapeutic dish. I’ve loved it since childhood, when my mother used to prepare it as soon as spring arrived. She would cook it in many different ways, all delicious and tasty. Not all artichoke recipes yield the same benefits, though. At this weekend’s spring workshop, you’ll be able to learn useful artichoke recipes for your internal cleansing programme.
Did you know about its many medicinal uses? The artichoke is a mighty antioxidant, as well as a powerful digestive, hepatic and gall bladder aid. It naturally reduces cholesterol, and thereby decreases the risk for arteriosclerosis and coronary heart disease. From an Ayurvedic point of view, artichokes exert a cooling and drying effect on the organism. They are effective for disorders of Pitta and Kapha, where their juicy flesh eliminates excess heat and accumulated toxins. Artichokes are therefore great for this time of year,  I can’t wait to start making them!

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