Troubles sleeping? My 5 top tips for better sleep

larger sleepIt’s late at night. First you lie on your left, then on your right. Face up, face down and back to your left to start all over again. Is this familiar? It turns out that more than 50% of the population has difficulties getting to sleep, and women are three times more likely than men to suffer, say new statistics from the Great British Sleep Survey. The results? Mornings lack a spring in our step getting out the door; our focus and attention is diminished; simple tasks are insurmountable mountains, in days that seem to drag on and on. Caffeine may come to the rescue and provide an extra push, but even the caffeine lady can’t lift one up when many a night has been bad. We are officially tired, in need of sleep, which can make things worse when getting to bed at night.

Here are my top tips for you to try and resolve the issue in a natural Ayurvedic way:

  • Massage your feet and calves; your face, neck and head. An over-active mind, coupled with stress are often the main causes for insomnia. Massaging these areas effectively releases the accumulated tension, soothes the mind and calms the nerves. Apply pressure with your finger tips, thumbs and palms. Neal’s yard has a nice variety of creams, lavender, rose and geranium are ideal.

  • The nose is a direct route to the brain. Relaxing aromas can shift an anxious state of mind to a calm one. On a flannel, on your pillow, or on round cotton pads, pour a generous amount of rose water. On top of that, add either jasmine, lavender or sandalwood. Keep on your forehead and under your nose.

  • Bring your attention to your breathing. Notice how your breath may be shallow or constrained. Gradually focus on taking longer and deeper breaths. Feel your abdomen rising and expanding with each breath in, closing as you breathe out. If you are familiar with alternate breathing, practise a few rounds of it.

  • Make sure your stomach is neither full nor empty. Having dinner at least three hours before going to bed is ideal.

  • A cup of hot milk with honey, turmeric and nutmeg is extremely helpful to induce good sleep. Avoid taking it if you’ve had late dinner. There should be at least a two hour gap.

Hope this helps on your way to many restful nights and sweet dreams!


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